Welcome to the Uplay2 domain where you play too.  To begin, its best to have an instrument tuned to make it easy to play.  For a guitar we recommend starting with Open C Tuning CGCGCE.  

When played open this plays a C major chord with the musical third note of the scale on the top (thinnest) string. It really helps to label the frets on your guitar; both fret numbers and chord letters are helpful, like these shown on a low cost half size guitar for which the Uplay2 method works very well. 

The musical alphabet C D E F G A B is a universal to indicate the chords of a song. These can be found in various ways on the Internet often with lyrics if you search for the name of a song with the word "chords" added. 

When one finger holds the strings down firmly onto a fret in a line the chord changes from open C to the corresponding major chord for that fret. We use the flats of our fingers to make bar chords, even for the more complex chords, so our finger tips dont hurt and we dont need short nails.  A minor chord can be accompanied by simply not playing the top string. Many other voicings and chords are possible and some are shown.

I use Chordify which automatically generates the chords for songs found on Youtube. Here are some great songs we can all jam with, the links bring up the song embedded in Chordify which displays the chords in time with the song.  it makes mistakes; see if you can spot any:) You can search for other songs yourself.

Songs with two chords

Songs with three chords
Cotton Eyed Joe - Country Sisters

Songs with four chords

Songs with five chords

Songs with six or more chords

Across The Universe - The Beatles 
Christmas In The Sun - The Stage CrewKey of G 
Crippled Inside -John Lennon 
Jingle Bell Rock / Bobby Helms 1957 Key of D
Let It Go - from Frozen 
Whiter Shade of Pale - Procul Haram 
Wild Horses - Rolling Stones 

For those with some musical experience more explanation is in the Uplay2 Method.  We are interested in your feedback and assistance to add to or improve the method; please email br@uplay2.org    

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